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Accession# MSC-052
Artist Khatri
Culture Ahir
Description MATERIALS: Woollen cloth and cotton thread.
CONSTRUCTION: Bandhani, in this version the cloth is first dyed in Indigo. Dots are opened and then cloth is dyed in red. Made in two parts stitched together in centre. Embroidered in one corner with interlaced stitches.
MOTIFS: 'Chaini'. Diagonal grid of dots with scattered dots in between.
COLOURS :Maroon dots on black.
STYLE REMARKS: Similar patterns are used in woollen odhanis of Rabaris and the cotton umarvalo skirt of Ahirs.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Traditionally parents of Ahir Girls gave them woollen clothes when they were going to their inlaws. Today, wool is used only for mourning Interalaced stitch was used by both Ahirs and Rabaris. Motifs in corner of odhani is for identification and perhaps as goodluck omen.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Wool was originally felt to be practical and had religious reinforcement. This piece is much narrower in width than most odhanis, possibly because it is only used for ritual purpose, or perhaps because it had another piece attached.
Category 3: Personal Artifacts
Object Name Odhani
Sub-category Clothing -- Outerwear
Provenance Dhamadka, kutch, Gujarat, India.
Search Terms Odhani
3 : Personal Artifacts
Clothing -- Outerwear
Dhamadka, Kutch, Gujarat, India.
Technique Bandhani
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