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Accession# MSC-053a-c
Artist Made by Khatri
Culture Maldhari, Jat
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth.
CONSTRUCTION: Block printed, resist dyed vegetable dye. To be cut in half and stitched in centre.
MOTIFS:(a) Zigzag pattern, border pattern is 'Jaleyb'
(b) Badam
Border patterns in both are Paland, paiwlai vaat
COLOURS :Maroon , black and white.
STYLE REMARKS: Field pattern of (a) and (b) and Gul pattern of both (a) and (b) are not traditional. Outside border is traditional to Ajrakh used in Kutch, Rajasthan and Pakistan. Format is also same. Shade of maroon is typically Pakistani. Compare to MSC-18.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Worn by Muslim man in Pakistan, Sometimes by women. Used as shawl, turban, shoulder cloth and lungi.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Traditions which began is Sindh spread into neighbpouring areas of Rajasthan and Kutch. The pieces are not of standard size.
Ajrakh Process, Lunghi.
Category Clothing For Men
Object Name Ajrakh
Other Name Lunghi
Sub-category Unstitched
Provenance pakistan
Search Terms Ajrakh
Clothing For Men
Made By Khatri
Maldhari, Jat
Hand Block print
Technique Hand Block Print
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