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MATERIALS: Cotton and silk cloth, cotton threads, mirrors and tassels. CONSTRUCTION:Quilted and appliqued, Hand stitched, embroidered; running stitches. MOTIFS: Popti, kungri and phul. COLOURS : Multicoloured on white. STYLE REMARKS: Applique is used by Rabaris on specific items like quilts and quilt covers, camel cloths, craddle cloths. Flowers in corners are traditional. Edges are highly decorated as rest of the cloth will be covered with another quilt. The pointed corners is typical of Dhebaria Rabaris. CULTURAL SDIGNIFICANCE: This is one of a two part set. It is draped under the saddle (hence the hole), while another applique blanket goes over the saddle. The camel is the original source of Rabari livelihood and still culturally important. For ceremonial occasions, a camel was elaborately decorated with embroidered, appliqued and twined trappings. CULTURAL REMARKS: To be used with other camel trappings. Athariyo, Camel saddle cloth.
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