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Accession# R-064
Artist Kachhi Rabari
Culture Kachhi Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Synthetic and cotton cloth, cotton threads and strings.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand and Machine stitched, embroidered; back stitching.
MOTIFS: Bakhiya,khadki and devdi.
COLOURS :Black with white sticthing with blue piping.
STYLE REMARKS: In all three subgroups, everyday blouses are decorated along the seams with fine back stitching called bakhiya. For a married woman the devali motif is essential. Bakhiya is always done with a single thread of simple sewing thread. The back stitch patterns are the same as chain stitchmotifs. Kachhis use a more elaborate repertoire of patterns than the other subgroups. Devadi in this blouse without cross at top is for old women whose husband are still living. Khadki. is also generally used by elders.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Among all three subgroups, mature women wear black on an everyday basis. This is ritual mourning for a king who centuries ago died protectiong Rabaris. Younger women can wer colour and embroidery for festival occasions. Elders wear black even then.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Black is still considered a mourning colour among Rabaris. If a family member dies, even a woman who would wear colour on an everyday basis wears black for a prescribed period of time. Recently, women have begun to decorate the underarms of these blouses to express that they do not always wear black. Very young women wear a plain red blouse of mourning. In all three subgroups, a married woman's blouse is gathered at the breasts. Dhebarias and Vagadias more densely shirr blouses here. Worn with a pachhedo and ludi.
Kapadu, Woman's everyday Blouse.
Category Clothing For Women
Object Name Kapadu
Other Name woman's everyday blouse
Sub-category Blouse
Provenance Viyar, Ta.Nakhatrana, Kutch, Gujarat, India
Search Terms Kapadu
Woman's everyday blouse
Kachhi Rabari
Technique Embroidery:Rabari
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