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Accession# R-005
Artist Kachhi Rabari
Culture Kachhi Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, Silk and cotton threads, mirrors, tassels.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand stitched., embroidered, chain, interlaced, Cretan,heringbone, buttonhole, satin,running, button hole filling..
MOTIFS: Popti, makodiyun, tak bawaliyun, jharmar butti, baporiya, butti, sudo, goto, jharmar, kothaliya na gul, mor, makhali.
COLOURS : Multicoloured on black and white.
STYLE REMARKS: The layout and colour scheme were traditional for kothalo until about the late 1970's, for all three subgroups of Kutch. Individual variations were expressed in the figural motifs in the centre. Vagadia and sometimes Dhebaria kothala often have a tree of life in the centre instead of the five guls. Pierceing of black, red and white is also traditional. The circular motifs and sudo in the border shows Mochi influence.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: the dowry bag was essential to nomadic lifestyle, a lightweight and decorative means of bringing dowry goods to the in-laws'.
CULTURAL REMARKS: smaller versions called kothali were used for smaller dowry items. A very large size, embroidered only on one end, was used to hold bedding.
Kothalo, Dowry sack.
Category Bags
Object Name Kothalo
Other Name Dowry Bag
Sub-category Bags, Dowry
Provenance Bocha , Ta. Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat.
Search Terms Kothalo
Dowry sack
Kachhi Rabari
Technique Embroidery : Rabari
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