Kala Raksha Trust, a grassroots social enterprise, is dedicated to preservation of traditional arts. Uniquely committed to documenting existing traditions, the Trust maintains a collection of heirloom textiles housed as a local Museum. Artisans participated in establishing this Museum. Thus it embodies a simple but revolutionary concept: involve people in presenting their own cultures.

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Parkar Vas, Sumrasar Sheikh,
Ta Bhuj, Kutch 370001, Gujarat, INDIA

Phone :     +91-2808-267237/38
Fax :          +91-2832-255500/250410

E-mail :       info@kala-raksha.org

Websites:  www.kala-raksha.org



Visitors are welcome to visit the Kala Raksha Museum.

For research or more in-depth discussion, we encourage you to make an appointment.


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