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MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, cotton threads. CONSTRUCTION: Lined, handstitched embroidered, Square chain, couched, romanian, interlaced and cross stitches. MOTIFS: Geometric, four squares divided by couched threads each contains four squaris motifs bordered with interlacing. COLOURS : Multicoloured on red, yellow and white predominantly. STYLE REMARKS: Cross stitch is unusual in India but it is done in Nort-West Frontier Province of Pakistan, sometimes in Nagar Parkar region in Sindh, and by jats and jains in Gujarat. Fine interlacing is characteristic of Sindh, especially central Sindh near Hyderabad, the Mutava community of Kutch and Mahar People of northern Sindh. Also notice that in two squares, interlaced motifs are mimiced by cross stitch. CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Probably used as Bagchi. Mahars, Pastoralists who have settled in Northern Sindh are known for very fine embroidery using square motifs and interlaced square chain, cross and couched stitches. CULTURAL REMARKS: Needs more research. Bujki, Bags.
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