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Accession# MSC-010
Culture Muslim
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, cotton threads, beads, cotton tassels and iron sequins.
CONSTRUCTION: Two layers of cloth are quilted together with fine running stitch in patterns and double running stitch in patterns.
MOTIFS: Geometric, concentric
COLOURS : Black, red, green on natural. Multicoloured in quilting.
STYLE REMARKS: Double running stitch is called khambhiri. It is usually done on quilts. Layout of patterns is same for embroidered pillow covers in Sindh. See SR-93 Oshikun/
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: This style of pillow was used throghout North-West Frontier Province, Sindh and Gujarat.
CULTURAL REMARKS: The style is said to be associated with Syeds who were thought to be spiritual guides (Pirs) and mentors (Musheds) by their protogees. The style was originally made as tributes, but is now being made as dowry gifts.
Khambiri Oshikun.
Category Household Decoration
Object Name Pillow Cover
Sub-category Pillow cover
Provenance Sindh, Pakistan.
Search Terms Pillow Cover
Household Decoration
Pillow Cover
Embroidery : Khambhiri
Sindh, Pakistan
20th Century
Technique Embroidery: Khambhiri
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