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Accession# MSC-004
Artist Ahir or Rabari
Culture Ahir or Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth and Roghan paint.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand painted. Roghan is made from castor oil. It is boiled until it is very thick. Colour is added and the substance is laid on by dripping from a stick. Cloth is folded to make symmetrical print.
MOTIFS: Popti - various forms, makodiyun, jharmar.
COLOURS : Predominantly yellow and orange on black.
STYLE REMARKS: This style replicates embroidered patterns of Ahirs and Rabaris. The original Roghan work was bold and free formed. In this example it is difficult to see where the folding was done. Possibly the patterns were blocked by separate cloth.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Worn by pastoral communities on everyday basis as a cheap substitute for embroidered versions. Roghn is also practiced in Vaghad. In Pakistan it is made in Peshawar and is associated with Afridi Pathans.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Roghan skirts went out of use in late 1970's due to the availability of synthetic printed cloths. According to Askari the word Roghan means oil.
Roghan Ghaghro, Skirt.
Category Clothing For Women
Object Name Ghagharo
Other Name Skirt
Sub-category Skirt
Provenance Nirona, Ta. Nakhatrana, Gujarat, India.
Search Terms Ahir or Rabari
Roghan ghaghro
Nakhtrana, Gujarat, india.
Clothing For Women
Technique Roghan
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