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Record 63/208
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Accession# MSC-003
Artist Bishnoi
Culture Bishnoi
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, probably natural dyed, cotton and sik threads, mirrors, metallic thread fragments.
CONSTRUCTION: Made in two parts, hand stitched at centre; embroidered, cross stitch, double running, surface satin, cretan, chain stitches.
MOTIFS: Geometric, bands are repeated patterns, some with toothed edges, centre medallion symmetrical arrangements of mirrors and diamond shaped motifs in a cross. Borders are different on either long side.
COLOURS : Predominantly yellow, white on red. Blue, green, purple, black accents.
STYLE REMARKS: Surface satin patterns and some of double running patterns are similar to suf work of Pakistan. Double running patterns are also similar to Phulkari from Punjab. Central pattern is unique to Bishnoi work, as are the double running diamond motifs.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Zari patti was stitched over some of embroidered bands on both sides. There is small anomalie at one end: a chain stitched, non-counted camel motf. Other, assymetrical elements suggest that piece was not finished.
Category 3: Personal Artifacts
Object Name Odhani
Sub-category Clothing -- Outerwear
Provenance Rajasthan, India.
Search Terms Bishnoi
3 : Personal Artifacts
Clothing -- Outerwear
Rajasthan, India.
Technique Embroidery : Rajasthani, Suf
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