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MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, cotton & silk thread, mirrors. CONSTRUCTION: Hand st., embr : double running, satin, cross, btt.hole, double btt., Romanian , couched, herring bone, chain, surface satin, cretan, interlaced stitches. MOTIFS: Kharek-guli, suf- chaki. STYLE REMARKS: One side is Kharek, the other side is suf . Artisans don't mix the styles. Here note that the same motif is worked in two different styles. CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Used to carry money or coins with garment, without pockets. The bride would make a vahani & send it to her future groom. Male family members wore it during wedding procession. The money was brought to cover expenses of the wedding. CULTURAL REMARKS: Versions used throughout Sindh & Kutchh. Vahani, Money Belt.
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