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Nagaria Pachhedo

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Accession# MSC-034
Artist Khatri
Culture Maheshvari Meghval, Koli, Lohana
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand Block printed, resist dyed ,Chemical dyes.
COLOURS : Red and black
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Worn by elders. Be pota can be worn outside because it is large enough to enable to cover the face in laj. Single width pachhedo was usually worn for casual wear at home.
CULTURAL REMARKS: The name pachhedo is generic name for odhani. Pachhedo comes from Gujarati and is generally associated with people who came from Gujarat. Nagaria refers to Jamnagar. Parhaps this style was the originally Bandhani from Jamnagar.
Nagaria Pachhedo.
Category 3: Personal Artifacts
Object Name Nagaria Pachhedo
Sub-category Clothing -- Outerwear
Provenance Rapar, Kutch, Gujarat, India.
Search Terms Nagaria Pachhedo
3 : Personal Artifacts
Clothing -- Outerwear
Maheshwari meghval, koli and Lohana.
Hand Block Print
Rapar, Kutch, Gujarat, India.
Technique Hand Block Print
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