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Ujervasi Sadlo

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Accession# MSC-020
Artist Khatri
Culture Kanbi
Description MATERIALS: Handloom Cotton cloth called Doublin.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand block printed with bajra and mud resist. dyed in vegetable dyes. Two pieces stitched in center. At one end a triagular Kali of 206.5cms with width at wide end 21.5cms has been inserted. Kali is pieced by hand stitched khilan in maroon, yellow, purple and green.
MOTIFS: Khaski, rajawali, kachbo buto, jhad putalia.
COLOURS : maroon, black and white.
STYLE REMARKS: Bajra-mud resist is an old process, similar to wax resist . Today wax resist is practiced only by few families in Mundra and Bela. Both media leave characteristic craclkle marks and are supposed to bleach white areas. Borders are typical of sadlo. Field design is one of several choices.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Ujjervasi Sadlo is printed by bajra and mud resist and typically in maroon and black. Can be worn by young or old, depending on print. The garment is originally from North Gujarat and Eastern Kutch, and is worn over skirt as a combination of ghaghro and odhni.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Sadlo would have been stitched into L-shape. This piece has been altered to be worn as sari.
Ujervasi Sadlo.
Category Clothing For Women
Object Name Ujervasi Sadlo
Sub-category Veil
Provenance Rapar , Kutch, Gujarat, India.
Search Terms Ujervasi sadlo
Clothing For Women
Hand Block print
Rapar, Kutch, Gujarat, India
Technique Hand Block Print
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