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Accession# R-134
Artist Kachhi Rabari
Culture Kachhi Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Cotton and mashru cloth, cotton threads and mirrors.
CONSTRUCTION: Machine ;stitching embroidered, square chain, Cretan, interlaced, double buttonhole, back and herringbone.
MOTIFS: Gol tak, popti, makodiyun, jharmar and tak bawaliyun.
COLOURS : Multicoloured on black. Mashru is red, black. Mashru is red, black, yellow and white.
STYLE REMARKS: Jharmar was traditional for ghaghro. This mashru pattern called 'Kataria' Was used for bride's skirt and groom's salwaar.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Historically, the tailored skirt is probably as old as the wrapped skirt.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Adult Rabaris do not use the stitched skirt. It is used by girls and, among the Kachhi subgroup, brides.
Ghagharo, Skirt.
Category Clothing For Women
Object Name Ghagharo
Sub-category Skirt
Provenance Kutch, Gujarat, India.
Search Terms Kachhi Rabari
Technique Embroidery:Rabari
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