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Accession# R-109
Artist Dhebaria Rabari
Culture Dhebaria Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, cotton threads
CONSTRUCTION: Machine stitched, hand and machine applique , embroidered, running, interlaced, chain and detached chain.
MOTIFS: Popti, danta, ambo.
COLOURS : Multicoloured on natural with maroon piping.
STYLE REMARKS: The dense decorative work is characteristic of Dhebharia Rabaris. Unusual use of chain and interlaced stitches. Use of embroidery along with applique is unusual.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Used as a cradle cloth; note the string for rocking the baby. The piece typifies the minimalistic household equipment of nomadic people.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Applique is traditionally used for just a few items, such as quilts, cradle cloths, and animal trappings. Today, bags and torans may be made in applique.
Ghodiyun, Craddle cloth.
Category Item used in home
Object Name Ghodiyun
Other Name Craddle cloth
Sub-category Craddle Cloth
Provenance Maringna.
Search Terms Dhebaria Rabari
Craddle cloth
Technique Embroidery :Rabari. applique
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