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MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, cotton threads, mirrors and tassels. CONSTRUCTION: Hand stitches, embroidered: square chain, cretan, interlaced, buttonhole. couched and romanian stitches. MOTIFS: Kali tak, popti, makodiyun, limbudi tak, jharmar, mokre, kagra tak, bandhkaanch, goltak, phuldi, sudo, vichhi, kothalia no gul. COLOURS : Multicoloured on cream, black and red. STYLE REMARKS: Conventional patterns of middle style. CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: The dowry bag was essential to namadic lifestyle, a lightwight and decorative means of bringing dowry goods to the in-laws.' CULTURAL REMARKS: Smaller versions called kothali were used for smaller dowry items. A very large size, embroidered only on one end, was used to hold bedding. The kothalo was replaced by a metal trunk in the late 1970s. Kothalo Bags, Dowry
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