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Phulakia Ludi

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Accession# R-094
Artist Vagadia Rabari
Culture Vagadia Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Woollen cloth, cotton threads, mirrors, buttons and some sort of stuffing.
CONSTRUCTION: Wool is dyed with Bandhni. Two pieces are joined with hand stitching. Hand embroidered, square chain, cretan, interlaced and herringbone stitches.
MOTIFS: buttis.
COLOURS : Predominantly yellow and white on black and maroon, bandhni with orange dots.
STYLE REMARKS: The motifs are specific to the phulakia ludi: medallions along the centre seam and dense borders. Compare the medallion motif to that of the traditional Kachhi ludi. In recent Vagadia style, very thick chain stitching is popular for ludis.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: This ludi is specifically used for wedding and anu ceremonies. A newly married bride my use it occasionally for only a short time after marriage.
CULTURAL REMARKS: The embroidery of this ludi is the quickest identifier of a Vagadia woman. The format of embroidery: medallion and border, was traditionally used by Rabaris of Saurashtra, who originally broke off from the Vagadia groups generations ago. Nate that the ludi is maroon rather than black in this version. the stuffed Buttis along seam are unique to Vagadia Rabaris Originally they may have been stuffed with sweet smelling herbs brought from Sindh.
Phulakia Ludi, Veil.
Category 3: Personal Artifacts
Object Name Phulakia Ludi
Other Name womens veil
Sub-category Clothing -- Outerwear
Provenance Rav, Ta. Rapar, kutch, Gujarat, India.
Search Terms Phulakia ludi
Vagadia Rabari
Technique Bandhani; Embroidery :Rabari
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