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Accession# R-089
Artist Dhebaria Rabari
Culture Dhebaria Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Cotton cloth, mirrors, beads, cowrie shells, tassels and wrapped strings.
CONSTRUCTION: Padded cotton back has large metal frame mirrors attached. A beaded net and strips are also attached. Double fringe of beads, cowries and tassels are attached on two sides. At lower edge is attached double net of beads and fringe. Three braided string attached to top.
MOTIFS: Multicoloured net.
COLOURS : Multicoloured.
STYLE REMARKS: The tiny cowrie shells were highly prized. Today they are no longer available and are replaced by glass bead replicas. Dhebarias and vagadias are particularly fond of ornamenting with beads and buttons.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: This elaborate version of a braid is worn by a Dhebaria groom at a wedding.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Women wear a chotlo with three beaded and tasseled parts, braided into their hair.
Chhoti, Women.
Category Ornaments
Object Name Chhoti
Other Name Hair Ornament
Sub-category Women, hair
Search Terms Chotti
Dhebaria Rabari
Technique Dhebaria Rabari Ornament.
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