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Accession# R-069
Artist Kachhi Rabari
Culture Kachhi Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Mashru cloth, cotton threads, mirrors, beads, cowries shells, tassels.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand stitched, embroidered, square chain, cretan, interlaced stitches.
MOTIFS: Makodiyun, limbudi tak, mokre, dhabiyo, and phuldi.
COLOURS : Multicoloured on orange with blue piping.
STYLE REMARKS: These large sized beads were originally used by Rabaris. Always red, green and white. Smaller beads came later. Piece is smaller then usual.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: The polo is made specially for engagement. It is used to wrap five kilogram of khand (sugar) and five kilogram of shakar (rock sugar). Five four corners. This is presented to bride at the time of bringing ornaments after engagement.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Exchange of embroideries and ornaments from engagement to wedding is common in many communities. Embroideries brought at the time of delivering ornaments are really a gesture of good faith. They are taken back by the groom's party after delivery of the ornaments.
Polo, Ceremonial cloth.
Category 3: Personal Artifacts
Object Name Polo
Other Name Ceremonial cloth
Sub-category Personal Gear
Provenance Bhujodi, Kutch, Gujarat, India.
Search Terms Polo
Ceremonial cloth
Kachhi Rabari
Technique Embroidery :Rabari
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