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Accession# R-062
Artist Kachhi Rabari
Culture Kachhi Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Synthetic cloth, cotton threads, rickrack, buttons, mirrors, sequins, tassels and strings.
CONSTRUCTION: Machine and hand stitched, embroidered; square chain, cretan, interlaced, couched, buttonhole, detached chain and back stitches.
MOTIFS: Limbudi tak, kagda tak, kali tak, shravan, sudo, chaini and gol tak.
COLOURS : Multicoloured on green and pink.
STYLE REMARKS: Patterning in body of blouse with interlaced motifs alternating with mirrors was popular in late 80's. Shravan motif was derived from earlier Paniari motif. Compare this to older style and middle style. This exemplifies contemporary Kachhi style, popular since thelate 1980's. Square chain stitching has again becoime fine, and very tight. Interlacing is couched. Mirrors are smaller. For blouses and shopping bags, the body is filled with tiny mirrors and interlaced motifs, and the edges are decorated with fine versions of traditional border patterns. As traditional, Yellow and white are used to outline motifs, and other colours are used as accents to set mirrors.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: The backless blouse is worn by Rabaris as well as many communities of Sindh, Rajasthan and fujarat. It is both cool in hot weather and economical to make. The back is covered by a veil. Gathered blouse are worn after marriage.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Note that the Kachhi blouse is also becoming smaller and tighter, as opposed to that of Dhebarias and Vagadias, Which is still loose and long. Worn with a synthetic wrapped pahernu and ludi.
Kanchali, Woman's Festival Blouse.
Category Clothing For Women
Object Name Kanchali
Other Name Woman's festival blouse
Sub-category Blouse
Provenance Ganeshnagar, Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat, India
Search Terms Woman's festival blouse
Kachhi Rabari
Technique Embroidery :Rabari
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