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MATERIALS: Mashru cloth, cotton and silk threads, cowries, beads, tassels ans buttons. CONSTRUCTION: Hand stitched., embroidered with button closing, chain, buttonhole filling, herring bone square chain, detached chain , button hole. MOTIFS: Ghodi ghoto, popti, Makodiyun, gol tak. COLOURS : Multicoloured on green and orange. STYLE REMARKS: Generally, Dhebarias do more beadwork than the other subgroups. The profuse use of buttons is a typical Dhebaria characteristic. Gho0di and ghoto and very fine work are characteristics of Dhebharia Rabari along with detailed finishing. CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: The ''flying butteress'' shaped bag is used by a groom during wedding ceremonies. Also called a pothu, it holds supari, fennel, etc., which is given to guests. CULTURAL REMARKS: Embroidered versions are more common. This item is not used by Kachhis. Dhebaria Rabaria lives in proximity to Ahirs and their work shows mutual influence. Kothalio, Ceremonial bag.
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