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Accession# R-023
Artist Hasuben Jakhubhai
Culture Kachhi Rabari
Description MATERIALS: Rolling pin, beads, cotton cloth, tassels.
CONSTRUCTION: Hand stitched, beaded, three bead net technique.
COLOURS : Multicoloured with white predominant.
STYLE REMARKS: Traditionally Kachhi Rabaris used red, green and white colours. Use of blue is new Beadwork is practiced in all three subgroups.
CULTURAL SIGNIFICANCE: Everyday objects are covered with beads for show and displayed at festivals and weddings times.
CULTURAL REMARKS: Beadwork is considered precious. Beaded ornaments, especially for children, are today hardly produced. Rabaris consider that good beads are often not aveilable or are too costly.
Velan, Rolling pic decoration.
Category Household Decoration
Object Name Velan
Other Name Rolling pin decoration
Sub-category Wall Hanging
Provenance Gada, Ta.Bhuj, Kutch, Gujarat , India
Search Terms Velan
Household Decoration
Kachhi Rabari
rolling pin decoration
Bhujodi Ta.Bhuj, Kutch.
Technique Beadwork : Rabari
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